Why focus on veganism?

Every mealtime is a question of choice. Some of these decisions are more conscious than others. Eating is not just a biological necessity; it also reveals our sociocultural connections and our individuality and may have a significant impact on our environment. Thus, certain food consumption patterns and eating habits are now being singled out in light of climate change. Others are becoming cultural movements and lifestyles that are challenging the traditional perception of our world as a commodity. This is particularly the case with veganism, which raises the question of animal rights. We are seeking your stories and life experiences to help us explore this topic from different perspectives.

What’s our aim?

Our next temporary exhibition will focus on veganism. Surprisingly, there is currently little research on this topic in Switzerland, hence we wish to better understand, document and convey the various reasons and events that motivate a choice which may seem obvious and logical yet may imply several challenges.

What can you do?

Anyone who, at some point in their lives, has been interested in, considered or embraced veganism as a way of eating and/or living and who wishes to share their experience can submit their story. All contributions will be presented on the http://myveganlife.org/ mini website and will also feature in the Museum’s 2021 temporary exhibition.

Taking part in this venture will help build an important chapter of the exhibition and enrich research on veganism. To find out more about the exhibition and how your input will become an integral part of it, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Tempted to join in?

If you click on this link, you can submit your story, in writing or as a pre-recorded audio file. It will be published on this mini website. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please do not hesitate to use a pseudonym. The registration form includes an optional questionnaire. Your answers to these optional questions will not be made public; they will be used for statistical and academic research purposes only. By completing this questionnaire, you would be helping the scientific community further its research on veganism.

Participation is open from 21.12.2020 to 31.08.2021.

The temporary exhibition opens on 5 May 2021.

This participatory project and exhibition are being developed in collaboration with Dr Edmée Ballif, (Senior FNS Researcher, Institute of Social Sciences, UNIL Université de Lausanne).

We kindly request you take time to read the Conditions of Participation before taking part in this adventure.

Many thanks in advance! We look forward to hearing from you!

The Alimentarium Team