Conditions for participation “My vegan life”

1. Participation is open to any individual aged 13 or above.

2. When submitting a contribution, the participant unconditionally agrees to all conditions of participation in full, excluding all remuneration or compensation. Legal actions are excluded.

3. Stories can be submitted online on the Web App. In addition, the participant may also share their story on social media using the #MyVeganLife hashtag.

4. The above-mentioned stories are made available and accessible to every participant for the duration of the event. The participant is required to make a backup copy and/or print their above-mentioned text in order to be able to refer to it if necessary.

5. All contributions (audio and editorial) must not contain any element that may be contrary to laws and moral standards and, in particular, that may be offensive towards human beings and/or animals. Brand names must not be promoted. The Alimentarium reserves the right to refuse or blur any contribution deemed to violate this provision.

6. The participant agrees to transfer at no charge all rights of use of the media file pertaining to their story to the Alimentarium for use in the exhibition project on veganism, notably the rights to share the story on social media with the #MyVeganLife hashtag, to include the contribution in the Museum exhibition and in marketing and scientific documents in relation to the exhibition, etc.

7. The participant agrees to transfer at no charge all rights of use to the Alimentarium to retain their story file after the event has finished and to use it in accordance with the Alimentarium Foundation General Terms and Conditions.

8. All content the Alimentarium posts on the Web App remains the property of the Alimentarium.

9. To ensure the event runs smoothly and that all participants can be contacted, when submitting a contribution, the participant must provide their full name, location, and a valid email address. The participant may opt to receive a newsletter on the project, presenting curated content based on their contribution.

10. If a contribution is judged to be unsuitable (size, content, quality, etc.), the Alimentarium reserves the right to withdraw it from the Web App.

11. The participant agrees that, by taking part in this event, their personal data may be collected and processed by the Alimentarium and/or specially appointed partner companies pursuant to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. The conditions of use of personal data by the Alimentarium can be consulted on the Alimentarium website:

12. The Alimentarium reserves the right to refuse stories or remove them from the exhibition or the Web App at any moment, without giving justification for its decision. The Alimentarium will not communicate in any regard to its selection or rejection of a story.

13. The participant has the right to change their mind and request the withdrawal of their story from the Web App at any moment without justification.

14. The participant agrees to provide truthful information regarding their identity. The participant undertakes not to usurp the identity of another person and not to use a false name. The participant will appear on the Web App with the pseudonym of their choice.

15. The participant declares they are author of their story or that they have received the rights from the author and/or from the author’s legal representative to submit it for the event “My vegan life”, including the right for the Alimentarium to use the story as intended under articles 6 and 7 above. Furthermore, the participant certifies they hold the rights for its publication, in particular if third parties are depicted in the story. The participant declares they have not transferred the right to exploit the story on exclusive or non-exclusive terms to any third party and that they release the Alimentarium from any claim or any demand bearing on the tangible and/or intangible ownership of the story and any elements thereof including third parties’ images rights.

16. The Alimentarium retains the right to cut short, extend, modify or cancel all or part of the event, without notice. In this instance, it cannot be held liable and no compensation can be claimed.

17. The Alimentarium cannot be held liable for:

  • connection, network or equipment issues which may limit, slow down or disrupt connections, telephones, telephone lines, telephone systems, website or Internet traffic;
  • technical or mechanical malfunction;
  • any form of hard drive or software malfunction;
  • any other malfunction;
  • errors caused by equipment, programming, human error or errors caused by any other reason;
  • damage caused to the computer owned by the participant or by any other individual and arising from participation in this event;
  • publication of the artwork on social media, especially by visitors to the Museum, on accounts other than those run by the Alimentarium.

18. These conditions for participation may be supplemented and/or modified at any moment during the event. Any amendment will come into effect solely because it has been published online by the Alimentarium.

19. Should a dispute arise regarding the interpretation or application of the conditions of participation, an amicable solution will be sought. In the event that no amicable solution is reached, the French version of this document is legally binding and Vevey is the competent place of jurisdiction. Swiss law is applicable.

Vevey, November 2020